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NKAds is a banner administration system written in PHP wich uses MySQL as the database engine. It's highlights are ease facility of use, it's speed and the ability to work with image formats such as JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SWF (Macromedia Flash®), and with texts in HTML or plain format.

The development of the system is constant, reason why there is updates and fixes almost continuously, so we recomend to check this site or see the NKAds site at SourceForge.

Developed in Santa Fe, Argentina.

Características generales

- Support for images with JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP format.
- Support for Macromedia Flash® (SWF) animations.
- Support for text Banners (HTML, Plain text).
- Unlimited zone amount.
- Unlimited amount of clients.
- Unlimited amount of Banners.
- Statics by clients and Banners.
- Password recovery system (for the client and the administrator).
- Optimization system for the database.
- Automatic script setup.
- Support for different languajes (Spanish, English, German, Brazilian, French and Italian).
- Easy to use menus at all time.
- Client login module, with two access levels. Basic and Advanced.
- Possibility to assign zones to the clients.
- For more data please read the CHANGELOG

Next versions

- Read the file TODO to know the plans for NKAds, if in the list doesn't appear some caracteristic you wish or think convinient to the system, please send us an email with your proposal so we can count it for future versions.


- Web Server
- PHP => 4
- MySQL 3.23.x

Mail list

- To get registered in the NKAds mail list (unique list for developers, translations and general announcements) enter your email in the field presented below, wait some minutes and respond to the mail that will be sent to you.

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